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        Barstool Classic



        Barstool Classic Event #2: foxwoods

        foxwoods gallery



        • 7:30 AM: Registration Opens

        • 8:45 AM: Opening Ceremonies

        • 9:00 AM: Shotgun Start

        • ~2:15 PM: Golf Ends, Happy Hour Begins

        • Afterwards: Awards Ceremony and Dinner

        Lunch and snacks will be available on the course (included in registration fee)


        Support Project Headstrong, our charity partner for this second event.


        Pos Players (Team) Total Thru
        -???? M. Kauff / ???? B. Kauff (Team Braeside)-9:00 AM
        -???? E. Berggren / ???? R. McFarlin (Back 9 Ballers)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Floor / ???? B. Dziok (Team Ricky Barry)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Wischnowsky / ???? N. Slocum (Swish)-9:00 AM
        -???? S. Martel / ???? O. Martel (Martel Brothers)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Williamson / ???? J. Porcelli (Rockaway )-9:00 AM
        -???? S. Cottrell / ???? I. Rider (Team Ride or Die)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Guarnieri / ???? E. Martino (Birdie Boyz)-9:00 AM
        -???? C. Tobin / ???? P. Menke (Puttin from the Rough )-9:00 AM
        -???? K. Senatore / ???? N. Porto (The Iron Thrown)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Dusiewicz / ???? D. Bell (Former Athletes)-9:00 AM
        -???? B. Smith / ???? D. Banks (2 Balls 1 Cup)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. DiTommaso / ???? M. DiTommaso (DiTommaso Brothers )-9:00 AM
        -???? T. Field / ???? C. Kohn (HBC2018)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Cornell / ???? F. Elsbree (Tony & Tony )-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Insero / ???? R. Geraci (Tiger’s Lusty Lair)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. D'Amato / ???? J. Innamorato (Biz-20)-9:00 AM
        -???? N. Hellmuth / ???? C. Burke (Bad Birdie)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Buggie / ???? M. D'Angelo (The Strokers)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Nugent / ???? N. Dalicandro (2 Bad Motha F'ers)-9:00 AM
        -???? K. Bouffard / ???? E. Eddy (Bouff and Eddy)-9:00 AM
        -???? C. Skurka / ???? M. Haverty (Preferred Lies)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Perella / ???? M. Perella (The Tree Woods)-9:00 AM
        -???? K. Liberatore / ???? B. Erwin (KlibWeazy)-9:00 AM
        -???? B. Guyer / ???? K. Wolf (Back 9 Bandits)-9:00 AM
        -???? C. Muller / ???? R. Orobona (Slawdoggs)-9:00 AM
        -???? N. BOUCHER / ???? J. OLSON (BOLSON)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Cook / ???? B. Richard (Putt Stuff)-9:00 AM
        -???? A. Slotnick / ???? C. Merritt (Talk Birdie To Me)-9:00 AM
        -???? T. Brown / ???? D. Stack (Don’t stand a chance)-9:00 AM
        -???? N. Maietta / ???? D. Antonoff (A little chunky, but not bad)-9:00 AM
        -???? G. Jonason / ???? A. Mamdouhi (Break Their Hearts)-9:00 AM
        -???? A. Gallonio / ???? S. Strawderman (Team pug butts)-9:00 AM
        -???? Z. Kielinen / ???? A. Barry (A to Z)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Arkoette / ???? A. Rivera (Fowler_Woods Wannabes)-9:00 AM
        -???? E. Schrage / ???? A. Diciero (Carnage Please)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Cutler / ???? B. Simpson (Don't BK It)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Liebersohn / ???? S. Lanza (Team 212)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Auriemma / ???? N. Zubretsky (Khalid’s Kids)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Bishop / ???? S. Martin (Angry Beavers)-9:00 AM
        -???? m. kerens / ???? M. Marks (Paramount CC)-9:00 AM
        -???? G. Giffen / ???? S. Maher (Say Chowda)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Lucas Jr. / ???? M. Lucas (Polska Power)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Fleming / ???? K. Mezerewski (T-Birdies)-9:00 AM
        -???? C. Turner / ???? A. Cornetta (Team FCC)-9:00 AM
        -???? C. Lareau / ???? R. Rollo (If You Ain't First, You're Last )-9:00 AM
        -???? A. Josefiak / ???? B. Strzempek (Gucci Bruh )-9:00 AM
        -???? R. McCary / ???? M. Redman (No Free Trulys)-9:00 AM
        -???? C. Young / ???? A. Levere (Truly, Madly, Deeply)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Patch / ???? H. Breen (Dirty Birdies )-9:00 AM
        -???? D. Costello / ???? R. Burnette (Turducken)-9:00 AM

        THE FIELD


        team swish

        Matt Wischnowsky (Coventry, RI) & Nick Slocum (Warwick, RI)

        Team Swish is comprised of Nick Slocum and Matt Wischnowsky, also known as Eggs & Big L.

        Big L came up with the nickname of eggs because he'll never be confused as an elite ball-striker. Peppering fairways and greens is not his forte and he often needs to scramble in order to save bogeys. After a decorated career as a fringe starter on a D III college squad, his handicap has tripled after having kids. He enjoys hanging with his wife and 2 girls, craft beers, ripping cigars like Miguel, turning the tables in a golf match, long swims in the ocean and the sound of a putt hitting the bottom of the cup.

        Big L is more of a late bloomer as opposed to someone grasping at his glory years. A true player on the upswing, he took the game up late. After being a former basketball junkie built like the round mound of rebound (but 4 inches shorter), he shifted his focus to country club golf. As of this writing, he's a true 6 handicap that 60% of the time, he plays to it every time. He might be a 2 come tournament time or a 12, we'll see. Big L enjoys spending time with his family, couch surfing, going for par fives in two, club tinkering, the sight of fresh dew on a golf course in the morning and buddies golf trips.

        Hit it hard.



        Brookfield CT wannabe pros

        Team Ricky Barry

        Ricky and Barry first teamed up as Team Ricky Barry last summer to win a charity scramble tournament, which was the first charitable thing either of them has ever done.

        Ricky describes himself as the left-handed Brooks Koepka, both on and off the course. Everyone who has met Ricky, seen him play golf or even just seen a picture of him is baffled by this comparison in every imaginable way. Ricky plans to work hard in the upcoming months to reach his goal of inflating his handicap from 7 to 22 before he tees off in the Barstool Classic.

        Barry, for a big/tall guy, doesn't hit it very far or very straight, his short game isn't good and neither is his putting. Over the years his golf game and handsomeness have simultaneously declined. Barry is here mainly to act as his overly-nervous partner's emotional support dog.


        Team Ride or die

        Sean Cottrell (Warwick, RI) & Ian Rider (Marion, MA)



        birdie boyz

        Jeffrey Guarnieri (Westfield, MA) & Ethan Martino (Avon, CT)

        Colleagues/Stoolies that are currently 1-0 in company sanctioned charity tournaments. No big deal.


        Former athletes

        Michael Dusiewicz (Monroe, CT) & Derek Bell (Newtown, CT)



        ditommaso brothers

        Matt DiTommaso (Hebron, CT) & Mark DiTommaso (Hebron, CT)

        2 brothers from CT looking to take the cash prize


        Tiger’s Lusty lair

        Mitch Insero (South Glastonbury, CT) & Rob Geraci (Waterbury, CT)

        Hitting putts and banging butts.


        bad birdie

        Nick Hellmuth (New York, NY) & CJ Burke (New York, NY)

        The Badest Birdies there are. Full send. Dropping BOMBS.


        2 bad motha f’ers

        Jimmy Nugent (Salem, NH) & Nick Dalicandro (Hyde Park, MA)

        2 stoolies who probably won't win. Clear Eyes, Tom Brady, Can't Lose


        Bouff and Eddy

        Kyle Bouffard (Auburn, ME) & Eric Eddy (Auburn, ME)

        Just trying to get away from our wives and kids for a few hours.


        The tree woods

        Joe Perella (Gales Ferry, CT) & Michael Perella (Tiverton, RI)

        One time we both par’d the same hole. Don't let us get hot. Also shot 68 at bethpage, on xbox.


        Back 9 bandits

        Brandon Guyer (Rocky Hill, CT) & Kyle Wolf (Rocky Hill, CT)

        Just a couple of average joes that know how to swing a long stick.



        Chris Miller (Farmingdale, NY) & Ryan Orobona (Farmingdale, NY)

        Driving for show, putting for dough.


        putt stuff

        Michael Cook (Wethersfield, CT) & Brendon Richard (Newington, CT)

        Michael Cook
        -2 time Sex Champion
        -Pizza Maker
        -Blocked a baseball with his face
        -Keeping CCSU Students hydrated since 2005

        Brendon Richard
        -Semi-alcoholic HVAC technician
        -Division 2 beer league hockey champ
        -6th grade spelling bee runner up
        -Current NHL Free agent
        -Had a #1 play on SportsCenter
        -Slept with an UBER driver
        -Permanently banned from Mohegan Sun


        Don’t Stand a chance

        Tom Brown (Lake View, NY) & Dave Stack (Hamburg, NY)

        Complete hacks.

        Earned every bit of their 20 plus handicaps.

        Neither works, (although one of them is supposed to) but both are getting paid.


        Team Pug Butts

        Andrew Gallonio (Cranston, RI) & Steven Strawderman (Scituate, RI)

        We like dogs and butts.


        Fowler/Woods Wannabes

        Jesse Arkoette (Westfield, MA) & Adam Rivera (Springfield, MA)

        A couple Westfield MASS-Holes attempting(key word) to play like the 2 best golfers on the planet

        Jesse Arkoette (Tekoa C.C.)
        -Dress like Rickie, swing like Daly
        Adam Rivera (Tekoa C.C.)
        -Tiger putts and fist pumps


        don’t bk it

        Jordan Cutler (Monroe, CT) & Brady Simpson (Stamford, CT)

        We'll be extremely competitive until we are out of it. So we'll be drunk by the 3rd hole.


        Team 212

        Jake Liebersohn (New York, NY) & Steve Lanza (New York, NY)

        Just a couple of public course kids.


        Angry beavers

        Ryan Bishop (East Haven, CT) & Scott Martin (Brookfield, CT)

        Just a couple washed up hockey players trying to find their calling on the reservation.


        Polska Power

        Mike Lucas Jr. (Salem, NH) & Mickey Lucas (Salem, NH)

        Long time listeners, first time callers. Father-son pair of Polaks from Salem, NH playing out of Haverhill Country Club. Recently boarded the hard seltzer train and heard there will be bottomless Trulys. MHOC application in mail. Can beat Tom Brady in the 40. Lost $40 to Emiliano Grillo in a putting contest.


        team fcc

        Corey Turner (Wrentham, MA) & Anthony Cornetta (Franklin, MA)

        In a life time heads up battle.


        if You Ain’t first you’re last

        Chard Lareau (Tiverton, RI) & Ryan Rollo (Taunton, MA)

        Two former TPC Boston caddies trying to chase down the dream.


        No Free trulys

        Reid McCary & Matthew Redman


        dirty birdies

        Mac Patch (Warwick, RI) & Hayden Breen (Scottsdale, AZ)

        I'm not saying my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes they'd come up sliced. ~ Lee Trevino


        Putt down thotiana

        Dustin Shyrock (Astoria, NY) & Matt McCoy (Astoria, NY)

        We’re not here for a long time, just a good time.


        team truly 3

        Andrew Redman & James Mullen


        Team Braeside

        Mo and Bethany, constantly plotting ways to walk the courses of Cape Cod with their Good Boy, Finn MacCool the Golden Retriever

        Back 9 ballers

        Just got to send it


        The martel brothers

        Sam Martel (Richmond, RI) & Oliver Martel (Richmond, RI)

        Two brothers from the boonies of Rhode Island.



        Rob Williamson (New York, NY) & Jack Porcelli (Lawrence, NY)

        RHC Golf


        puttin from the rough

        Corey Tobin (Wilmington, MA) & Pete Menke (North Attleboro, MA)

        Here to win


        the iron thrown

        Kyle Senatore (Hoboken, NJ) & Nick Porto (Hoboken, NJ)

        In the Game Of Throwns you win or you fly.


        2 balls 1 cup

        Brendan Smith (Wethersfield, CT) & Danny Banks (Windsor, CT)

        Just a few insurance adjusters looking for 10k.



        Ted Field (New York, NY) & Chip Kohn (West Hartford, CT)



        Tony & tony

        Jonathan Cornell (Sarasota, FL) & Frank Elsbree (Sarasota, FL)

        “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” – Tony Montana

        We hail from the great state of Florida. Coming to capture the Barstool Classic crown. If we could use our jet ski’s as golf carts we would. See you in July.



        Matthew D’Amato (West Haven, CT) & Joe Innamorato (Milford, CT)

        Just two life long friends who pretend to be golfers..
        Matt and Joe have been friends since pre-school where they dominated the nap game and always got first choice at the best juice boxes. They stayed close throughout their childhood, going to school and playing hockey together all the way through college.
        Now all grown up, Matt and Joe have found success in the professional world.
        Matt works in Finance and has been married for 2 years. He and his Wife are expecting their first child in May 2019.
        Joe works in Sales and is getting married in May 2019.


        The Strokers

        Ryan Buggie (Cromwell, CT) & Michael D’Angelo (Rocky Hill, CT)

        Just a couple of dudes trying to go low.


        preferred lies

        Craig Skurka (Cumberland, RI) & Matt Haverty (Hanover, MA)




        Kevin Liberatore (Westport, CT) & Ben Erwin (Stamford, CT)

        Just here for the transfusions.



        Nathan Boucher (Harwinton, CT) & Josh Olson (Fairfield, CT)

        Golf, hunt, fish, cigars.


        Talk birdie to me

        Andrew Slotnick (Biddeford, ME) & Christian Merritt (Biddeford, ME)

        Retired college hockey teammates wishing we played as many minutes as we do holes.


        a little chunky, not bad

        Neil Maietta (Biddeford, ME) & Danny Antonoff (Biddeford, ME)

        Two guys currently living in Portland, ME, washed up D3 college hockey players.

        Danny: Highlight of his career was scoring a hat trick vs Becker College at New England Sports Center Rink 2

        Neil: Child prodigy turned all conference camera man


        break their hearts

        Greg Jonason (Monroe, CT) & Ali Mamdouhi (Gaithersburg, MD)

        Two men past their prime but still believe they will be really good at golf one day.


        A to z

        Zach Kielinen (Worcester, MA) & Anthony Barry (Grafton, MA)

        Two buddies looking to have a good time and win some money.


        Carnage please

        Edward Schrage (Peabody, MA) & Anthony Diciero (Saugus, MA)

        We’re just here so we won’t get fined.


        khalid’s kids

        Mike Auriemma (Wethersfield, CT) & Nick Zubretsky (Wethersfield, CT)

        This one’s for you Khalid.


        Paramount cc

        Matthew Kerens (Haverstraw, NY) & Matt Marks (Nyack, NY)

        A couple of guys who both probably think we're better than we are.


        Say Chowda

        Gary Giffen (Acton, MA) & Sean Maher (Hingham, MA)

        One played NCAA D1 golf the other set records in NCAA division 1 track. You try and figure out which did which. Both Huskies (NU & UConn) both financial services “professionals” with PhDs in client golf.



        Matthew Fleming (Northford, CT) & Kyle Mezerewski (Durham, CT)

        2 buddies from North Branford who enjoy sneaking away from the families to hit bombs and drop some putts.


        Gucci brah

        Alan Josefiak (Chicopee, MA) & Brian Strzempek (Chicopee, MA)

        Just a couple dudes golfing.


        Tuly, madly, deeply

        Chris Young & Alex Levere



        Daniel Costello (Brookfield, CT) & Ryan Burnette (Chicopee, MA)

        Two college studs with minimal tourney experience.