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        Barstool Classic

        forest hill


        Barstool Classic Event #3: forest hill


        • 7:30 AM: Registration Opens

        • 8:45 AM: Opening Ceremonies

        • 9:00 AM: Shotgun Start

        • ~2:15 PM: Golf Ends, Happy Hour Begins

        • Afterwards: Awards Ceremony and Dinner

        Lunch and snacks will be available on the course (included in registration fee)


        Forest Hill Field Club

        9 Belleville Ave, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

        Who Will Be There


        In addition to Commissioner Riggs, Willie, Large and Zah will be making an appearance at the Barstool Classic. You may be able to find them at the Gentlemen’s Tee.


        Support The Willie Colon Foundation, our charity partner for this event.


        Pos Players (Team) Total Thru
        -???? C. Kuczo / ???? L. Spina (Beef Monsters)-9:00 AM
        -???? N. Lasko / ???? A. Lasko (Lasko)-9:00 AM
        -???? B. Kost / ???? J. Kovacs (The Worm Burners)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Harknett / ???? J. D'aversa (The Canadians)-9:00 AM
        -???? P. Bisso / ???? D. Meier (DP)-9:00 AM
        -???? P. Sanders / ???? J. Huntzinger (Los Tacos de Carne)-9:00 AM
        -???? S. Hibbett / ???? B. Saunders (Dumb & Dumber)-9:00 AM
        -???? S. Jason / ???? M. Ball (Beats Working)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Marziotto / ???? G. Scalley (The Piano Players)-9:00 AM
        -???? L. Byford / ???? J. Smith (The Red Arrows)-9:00 AM
        -???? F. Henderson / ???? I. Lauth (Team Shot)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. O'Brien / ???? S. Roller (Long & Wrong)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Pastore / ???? C. O'Brien (Birdies & Beers)-9:00 AM
        -???? B. Saxton / ???? R. Zaharko (The Gucci Brahs )-9:00 AM
        -???? S. Minter / ???? R. Oates (Four Eyes Not Four Putts)-9:00 AM
        -???? D. Ream / ???? T. Schmidt (Idaho Hacks)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Clancy / ???? S. Viavattine (The In Laws)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Ponte / ???? N. Miller (Designated Drivers)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Pelican / ???? M. Halperin (Divot to me Baby)-9:00 AM
        -???? S. Finelli / ???? F. Howard (Throwing darts)-9:00 AM
        -???? L. Divots / ???? C. Eddie (Bushwood Elite)-9:00 AM
        -???? D. Langer / ???? L. Wiener (Kirkland 2)-9:00 AM
        -???? G. Pike / ???? C. Pike (Team Pike)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Emmert / ???? R. Muller (This Ain’t No Hobby Boys)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Canavan / ???? T. Robinson (Breakfast Ballers)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Bray / ???? J. Kochka (NJ Micks)-9:00 AM
        -???? A. Fiore / ???? A. Augustitus (Caddy Shak)-9:00 AM
        -???? N. Alvaro / ???? J. Casalinuova (Chunk n Chug)-9:00 AM
        -???? L. McDowell / ???? B. Mullady (Team DVD)-9:00 AM
        -???? D. Dennison / ???? J. Dennison (Gucci Bros)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Rollins IV / ???? M. Weiner (Stick it in the Putt)-9:00 AM
        -???? H. COBLE / ???? J. Forkan (Gloria & Stanley Cup )-9:00 AM
        -???? T. Samar / ???? M. Evans (Mulligan's Island)-9:00 AM
        -???? S. Kuczynski / ???? J. Pietronico (That's Gucci Brah)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Harty / ???? M. Halligan (GHIN and JUICE)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Manganiello / ???? M. Manganiello (DoubleDeuce)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. DiMarco / ???? J. Atkinson (Team Deugen)-9:00 AM
        -???? B. O'Connor / ???? P. Murray (The Montauk Project )-9:00 AM
        -???? D. Ryan / ???? T. Gannon (Beef Stroganoff)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Beinhaker / ???? A. Fleysher (Morgan & Rapinoe)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Boselli / ???? D. Lo Basso (The Poulter-geists)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Goldstein / ???? A. Hurewitz (Mark & Andrew)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Rosenthal / ???? J. Leary (J Squared)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Williams / ???? S. Glauberg (Precision Events Group)-9:00 AM
        -???? M. Cannon / ???? E. Reckdenwald (Cannonwald)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Jakubowski / ???? J. Novak (Polish Puttz)-9:00 AM
        -???? B. Becker / ???? W. Evertz (TBO/EOK)-9:00 AM
        -???? J. Arena / ???? M. Giansante (Dimes and Lines )-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Thomson / ???? R. Dinizo (The Liberty Loopers )-9:00 AM
        -???? A. Griffie / ???? E. Ciancaglini (Chanks Pizza Cones)-9:00 AM
        -???? B. Dalton / ???? S. Clark (Truly, Madly, Deeply)-9:00 AM
        -???? F. Politano / ???? A. Keister (No Free Trulys)-9:00 AM
        -???? T. Kelly / ???? E. Flego (Yours Truly)-9:00 AM
        -???? R. Puri / ???? L. Giordano (Truly Brick By Brick)-9:00 AM

         The Field

        BEef Monsters

        Chris Kuczo (Stamford, CT) & Lou Spina (Middletown, CT)

        Smokin beers, bogies, and drives


        The canadians

        Mike Harknett (Richmond Hill, Ontario) & Jon D’aversa (Jersey City, NJ)

        Two friends from Toronto. One living in Jersey, one still in Ontario. Big Barstool fans. Love to drink and golf.


        Peter Bisso (New York, NY) & Doug Meier (Pompton Plains, NJ)

        Part of the Hill Family


        Dumb & Dumber

        Seth Hibbett (Durham, NC) & Brandon Saunders (Knightdale, NC)

        Two dummies who’s highest aspiration is to win the Barstool Classic


        Team Shot

        Frank Henderson (New York, NY) & Ian Lauth (New York, NY)

        Big fans of red stakes.

        Birdies & beers

        Jon Pastore (Hoboken, NJ) & Chris O’Brien (Wayne, NJ)

        Just looking to make the finals...

        Four eyes not four putts

        Sam Minter (New York, NY) & Rachael Oates (New York, NY)

        Hard-Working. Technical. Accurate. Mentally Composed. These are all terms which do not describe Four Eyes not Four Putts. Two former tournament golfers will return to their glory days - with much more alcohol this time.

        The in-laws

        John Clancy (North Caldwell, NJ) & Sam Viavattine (North Caldwell, NJ)

        Bogies at best.

        Divot to me baby

        Rick Pelican (River Vale, NJ) & Michael Halperin (Yardley, PA)

        As part of a weekly foursome match, former enemies have united for the ultimate golf competition. Only time will tell if they can their partnership will flourish on the course or TRULY end in disaster.

        throwing darts

        Steve Finelli (Hoboken, NJ) & Frank Howard (Jersey City, NJ)

        Hoboken’s Gents, Manasquan Retirees

        Kirkland 2

        David Langer (Old Bethpage, NY) & Lenny Wiener (Great Neck, NY)

        One lawyer. One accountant. Two bad golfers.

        breakfast ballers

        John Canavan (Milford, CT) & Tim Robinson (Milford, CT)

        Tim and John are the two truest Daddy's of all Daddy's. The Breakfast Ballers hail from Milford, CT, and plan on coming down to Jersey to kick some scrotums.

        Caddy Shak

        Andrew Fiore (Caldwell, NJ) & Aron Augustitus (North Caldwell, NJ)

        The Proteges of Shak

        Team dvd

        Larry McDowell (Goshen, NY) & Bill Mullady (Middletown, NY)

        Golf Enthusiasts, Barstool Fans and one is the creator of the Double Vodka Don!

        Gloria & Stanley cup

        Harris Coble (Hoboken, NJ) & Jeff Forkan (Brooklyn, NY)

        The Average Joe's Gym equivalent to an amateur golf duo.

        Mulligan’s island

        Tom Samar (New York, NY) & Mason Evans (Dallas, TX)

        Foot wedge specialists

        ghin and juice

        Jason Harty (Harrison, NJ) & Michael Halligan (New York, NY)

        Ham and Eggers

        double deuce

        John Manganiello (Old Greenwich, CT) & Michael Manganiello (Stamford, CT)

        Brothers and hacker in arms

        team deugen

        Matthew DiMarco (Hoboken, NJ) & John Atkinson (Philadelphia, PA)

        Builders, Developers, and Golf Addicts from Hoboken, NJ.

        beef stroganoff

        Derek Ryan (Brooklyn, NY) & Thomas Gannon (Farmingdale, NY)


        The poulter-geists

        Joe Boselli (Bloomfield, NJ) & Damian Lo Basso (Rivervale, NJ)

        Damian and Joe became friends 10 years ago through mutual friends on a golf course. They got stuck together for the round and have been playing partners since. Back in their prime mid 20s they would be ripping drives and stealing young ladies hearts in the depths of Hoboken bars. Now, one's married, the other about to be married and they use golf as a great getaway from the house. These extremely average two are due to shock the world in the barstool classic and aim to finish better than last place.


        Jason Rosenthal (Montclair, NJ) & Jason Leary (Montclair, NJ)

        One good golfer and one shitty one


        Matt Cannon (Cranbury, NJ) & Erik Reckdenwald (West Windsor, NJ)

        Just a couple old lax bros.


        Bryan Becker (Montclair, NJ) & William Evertz (Montclair, NJ)

        Bagles and Bratwurst with a side of Kosher Corona

        dimes and lines

        John Arena (New York, NY) & Marco Giansante (White Plains, NY)

        John Arena aka Johnny Blunts
        Marco “the mommas boy” Giansante

        truly brick by brick

        Rob Puri & Lou Giordano


        team Lasko

        Noah Lasko (Hollywood, FL) & Avi Lasko (Hollywood, FL)

        Florida golfers.



        Brendan Kost (Brooklyn, NY) & Jesse Kovacs (St. James, NY)

        Brendan and Jesse are cousins. Jesse was a child golf star when he gave it all up to destroy his liver in college. Brendan picked the game up a few years ago and is now emotionally and financially crippled by it.

        los tacos de carne

        Patrick Sanders (Hoboken, NJ) & Jason Huntzinger (Reading, PA)

        Golfers straight out of central PA.


        beats working

        Steven Jason (Dix Hills, NY) & Mitchell Ball (Merrick, NY)

        Just two guys who'd rather play golf than work. Maybe someday we can play golf for work (not likely)


        the piano players

        Robert Marziotto (Montclair, NJ) & Greg Scalley (East Rutherford, NJ)


        The red arrows

        Lee Byford (North Bergen, NJ) & Jamie Smith (Hillsborough, NJ)

        Birdies, Bogeys, Beers. Not necessarily in that order.


        long & wrong

        Rory O’Brien (New York, NY) & Scott Roller (Ramsey, NJ)

        Two Hackers from Jersey

        The gucci brahs

        Ben Saxton (Jersey City, NJ) & Ryan Zaharko (West New York, NJ)

        Two fraternity brothers from Pittsburgh who despite our hatred for NY moved here to make bank bro (get ass, and drive Range Rovers). Hate Boston more than NY but drinking beers and making birdies is Gucci brah!

        idaho hacks

        Derek Ream (Boise, ID) & Taylor Schmidt (Boise, ID)

        Potato Farmers.

        Designated Drivers

        Joe Ponte (Clifton, NJ) & Nick Miller (Cedar Grove, NJ)

        Just a couple of guys ham and egging around!!!

        just hit bombs

        Joe Tonnos (New York, NY) & Matt Fattore (Stewart Manor, NY)

        A Canadian, an American and a white ball that is NOT too good for its home.

        bushwood elite

        Louie Divots (Little Falls, NJ) & Cousin Eddie (Wayne, NJ)

        Give me half a dozen of the Vulcan D-tens...
        ...and set my friend up with the whole schmear.
        You know, clubs, bags, shoes...gloves, shirt, pants.
        Orange balls! I'll have a box of those...and give me a box of those naked-lady tees. This is the worst-looking hat I ever saw! You buy a hat like this, I'll bet you get a free bowl of soup...It looks good on you, though.

        Team Pike

        Garrett Pike (Water Mill, NY) & Chris Pike (Water Mill, NY)

        Truly bless The Classic.

        this ain’t no hobby boys

        Mike Emmert (Montvale, NJ) & Ryan Muller (Montvale, NJ)

        I believe nicotine plus caffeine equals protein. -J.D.

        NJ Micks

        John Bray (Sound Beach, NY) & John Kochka (Long Island City, NY)

        One of the few teams in the tournament actually composed of common men. John and John have never "belonged" to a club and probably never will. Muni golfers to their core, they are here only by the grace of the NJ lottery.

        CHuk n chug

        Nick Alvaro (Bridgeport, WV) & Joe Casalinuova (Morgantown, WV)

        Just two 13 handicaps that think we’re 5’s. Golfs hard, drink beer.

        Gucci bros

        Dan Dennison (West New York, NJ) & Jason Dennison (New York, NY)


        stick it in the putt

        Markham Rollins IV (Stamford, CT) & Michael Weiner (White Plains, NY)

        Forged in the valleys of Bedford and Pound Ridge, bound by a friendship tested again and again by the sands of time, coached and mentored by the great Ty Webb himself, Michael and Markham have shown a great promise to become the greatest hack golfers that ever lived. Their evenings are mostly spent slicing stingers on the driving range or padding their handicaps, playing each hole with nothing more than a putter. Their lack of sensible club selection has paved their road to the Barstool Classic. Michael and Markham are bound for “OK”-ness.

        that’s gucci brah

        Stephen Kuczynski (Lincroft, NJ) & Joe Pietronico (Red Bank, NJ)

        Coming out of central NJ, two high school buddies looking to let the good times roll. LFG

        The montauk project

        Brian O’Connor (Huntington, NY) & Peter Murray (Greenlawn, NY)

        Representing Suffolk County, Long Island

        morgan & Rapinoe

        Josh Beinhaker (Montclair, NJ) & Alex Fleysher (Montclair, NJ)

        In it to win it

        mark & ray

        Mark Goldstein (Montclair, NJ) & Andrew Hurewitz (Montclair, NJ)

        The Champs Are Here

        Precision events group

        Richard Williams (New York, NY) & Scott Glauberg (Montclair, NJ)


        polish puttz

        Robert Jakubowski (Brick, NJ) & James Novak (Belleville, NJ)

        Two bud’s who think they know how to play, but the drinks usually end up being the highlight.

        truly, madly, deeply

        Brendan Dalton & Scott Clark

        no free trulys

        Frank Politano & Andrew Keister

        yours truly

        Tim Kelly & Ed Flego